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Comptos Chamber

  • The Comptos Chamber. Pamplona-Iruña © Larrion y Pimoulier. Archivo de Turismo "Reyno de Navarra"

    The Comptos Chamber. Pamplona-Iruña © Larrion y Pimoulier. Archivo de Turismo "Reyno de Navarra"



Architecture and civil engineering


Siglo XIII


Calle Ansoleaga 10
31001 Pamplona-Iruña, Pamplona

The building dates from around the 13th century. Built in stone, with a pointed arch.Several pointed arch windows are preserved with a cylindrical section mullion and decorated capital. There is a landscaped courtyard where archaeological remains of the hermitage of San Nicolás have been found.In 1524, the building was acquired by King Carlos V of Navarre to house the Comptos Chamber. After the disappearance of the Comptos Chamber, its archive was moved to the General Archive of Navarre. The building was then occupied by the Artistic and Historic Monuments Commission who set up the Navarre Museum here, which was inaugurated in 1919.From 1941 to 1994, the building was the site of Príncipe de Viana Institution. From 1995, it went back to being the site of the Chamber of Comptos.

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Guided visits, October and May, Monday-Friday, 9am-1.30pm, by prior arrangement. Phone +34 848421400.



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Apr 23, 2023


Teatro Gayarre - Pamplona
Paraíso perdido

Pamplona Town Hall © Turespaña

Dec 31, 2023

New Year’s Eve in Pamplona

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Pamplona Diocesan Cathedral Museum - Pamplona
Exhibition: Occidens

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San Fermín Fiestas

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