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Mallorca Cathedral

  • Palma cathedral. Majorca © Turespaña

    Palma cathedral. Majorca © Turespaña





Siglo XIV


Plaza Almoina s/n
07001 Palma
Majorca, Balearic Islands

Telephone+34 902022445 - +34 902022446

Fax+34 911 01 47 41


A jewel of Gothic architecture facing the sea.

The cathedral is built over the city walls of Palma de Mallorca´s old town.

Construction of this building began during the reign of Jaime II, and it comprises three naves. The main nave is home to the Trinidad chapel, where the remains of kings Jaime II and Jaime III are laid to rest. On the façade, special mention should be made of the main door and the south door or Mirador, especially interesting for its decoration with sculptures by Guillermo Sagrera. The Mirador door is spectacularly beautiful on account of the decoration with geometrical and vegetal motifs, while the main doorway is supported by four majestic columns. Reforms carried out by architect Antonio Gaudí at the beginning of the 20th century are another attractive feature of this building. As are the works by artist Miquel Barceló in the Santísimo Chapel: his great ceramic mural, the stained glass windows and the furniture. Furthermore, Palma de Mallorca Cathedral has a tower with 9 bells. Special mention should be made of the size of the bell known as “N’Eloi”: it measures 2 metres in diameter and weighs 4,517 kilos.

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General: €7

Children: Free admission

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Left: Robert Capa, Capucine, French model and actress, on a balcony, Rome, August 1951; and right: Robert Capa, Pablo Picasso playing in the water with his son Claude, Vallauris, France, 1948 © Robert Capa/International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos.

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Fundació La Caixa - Palma
Robert Capa in Colour

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