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Royal Convent of San Pascual

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1765 - 1770


Francisco Sabatini


Calle Rey, 75
28300 Aranjuez

The Italian architect Francisco Sabatini also worked on the Royal Residence of Aranjuez, where he left this convent commissioned by King Charles III of Spain.

The Convent of San Pascual Bailón was designed by Francisco Sabatini, who also took part in the construction process. The Classicist church façade stands out on the outside, flanked by two towers, close to the Italian Baroque style. Columns and pillars create a very attractive look, and it is crowned with a pediment.
It is a building with a floor plan in the shape of a classic Latin, with a single nave, crossing, apse and many side chapels. Inside, the original 18th century ironwork and altarpieces stand out, as well as the painting by Antón Rafael Mengs on the main altarpiece. It also used to house several paintings by the Italian artist Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, which are now displayed in the Prado Museum in Madrid.

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Convent closed to the public. Church of San Pascual open to visitors only during hours of worship.





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View of actors recreating the historical mutiny in Aranjuez © Turespaña

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Festivity of International Tourist Interest

Aranjuez Mutiny Fiestas

Fountain of the boy with the thorn, in the gardens of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez © Madrid

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Early Music Festival of Aranjuez

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