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Boabdil Tower and the walled enclosure

  • View of the Boabdil Tower and walled enclosure © Tinta Blanca Editores. Diputación de Jaén

    View of the Boabdil Tower and walled enclosure © Tinta Blanca Editores. Diputación de Jaén





Calle José Moreno Torres, s/n
23790 Porcuna
Jaén, Andalusia

Telephone+34 666445513 - +34 953544004


The Military order of Calatrava built a large tower on the site of a former Al-Andalus fortress. The last Nasrid king of Granada, Boabdil “el Chico” was imprisoned there for some months.

Porcuna house, located high up on the spur of the plateau, had a twin fortified enclosure dating from the Al-Andalus period. The exterior consisted of walls and towers, of which little remains. The interior included fortress or citadel, which after the Reconquest was strengthened by the Military Order of Calatrava.
Among the work they did on the site was the large keep, called the Boabdil Tower. It was built on an octagonal floor plan with quality ashlar between 1411 and 1435, and measures 28 metres in height. Gothic arches and vaults Cistercian-inspired are notable in the interior areas or rooms, where it appears that the king Boabdil was kept prisoner in 1483 after he was defeated and captured at the battle of Lucena by the Catholic Monarchs.

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