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Villardompardo Palace

  • Façade of Villardompardo Palace © Turespaña

    Façade of Villardompardo Palace © Turespaña





16th century


Plaza de Santa Luisa de Marillac s/n
23004 Jaén
Jaén, Andalusia

Telephone+34 953248068


The palatial hiding place of some Arab baths.

The Palace was built in 1592, on the orders of Fernando de Torres y Portugal, ex-Viceroy of Peru.

Some Arab baths from the 10th century were hidden under this palace, built in the 16th century. The baths were declared a National Monument in 1917. There are known as the Baths of Alí and are considered the most important examples in the city. They were an important place for personal hygiene, but also for social life. They were laid out in 4 different rooms: the marble lobby with red and white arches, then the cold room and the warm and hot rooms. There were boilers next to the hot room that filtered the heat through a system of shafts placed between the rooms’ walls. The room’s floor is on three brick pillars, allowing hot air vapour to circulate. 3 rooms from the palace are conserved. Today, they house the Naïf Manuel Moral International Art Museum and the Museum of Arts and Popular Customs. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1931.

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