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Gateways in the city wall: Socorro, Agua, Sevilla and Buey

  • El Buey gateway in the city wall ©Turespaña

    El Buey gateway in the city wall ©Turespaña





11th century


21840 Niebla
Huelva, Andalusia

In addition to the Agua Gate, the Embarcadero Gate and the Buey Gate, there are three other main gates in the northern section of Niebla’s defensive wall: the Socorro Gate, with a horseshoe arch and impost; the Agujero Gate, which is thought to have been part of the old Roman citadel; and the Sevilla Gate, which –despite its Roman appearance– has a cambered Moorish arch. The walls are one of Niebla’s characteristic features. Throughout its history they have been demolished and rebuilt on various occasions. Most of the remaining enclosure dates from the 14th century, from the time of the Almoravids; although even older remains have been found.

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Niebla Castle - Niebla
Castillo de Niebla Theatre and Dance Festival

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