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Convent of Santa Clara

  • Sculpture group inside the convent of Santa Clara ©Turespaña

    Sculpture group inside the convent of Santa Clara ©Turespaña

  • Stalls inside the Convent of Santa Clara © Obispado de Huelva

    Stalls inside the Convent of Santa Clara © Obispado de Huelva





14th century


Plaza de las Monjas s/n
21800 Moguer
Huelva, Andalusia

Telephone+34 959370107


Between the Gothic and the Mudejar.

It was built between the 14th and 16th centuries,

and contains both Gothic and Mudejar styles. It is considered to be one of the best examples of convent architecture in Andalusia. It architectural model was replicated in various countries in South America such as Colombia and Mexico. The cloister, built in the 15th century still conserves Almohad influences. It is particularly worth noting the tomb of the Portacarreros family. This is a sculptural group carved in white marble by the sculptor with Gian G. Della Porta and Giovanni de Pasallo. Other outstanding elements include the Mudejar coffering, the Nasrid choir stalls dating from the 14th century, the altarpiece of the Circumcision by Martínez Montañés (1606) and the main altarpiece by Jerónimo Vázquez (built between 1625 and 1640). It also contains only interior that Diocesan Museum, whose highlights include the figure of Cristo de la Humildad, made of English alabaster by Martínez Sugrañes. The building was declared a national monument in 1931.

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