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Miramar Royal Palace

  • Façade of the Royal Palace of Miramar. Donostia-San Sebastián © Turespaña

    Façade of the Royal Palace of Miramar. Donostia-San Sebastián © Turespaña





Siglo XIX


Paseo de Miraconcha 48
20008 San Sebastián
Guipúzcoa - Gipuzkoa, Basque Country
Guipúzcoa - Gipuzkoa

Telephone+34 943219022

Fax+34 943216008


The palace was designed by the English architect Selden Wornun, in 1888, but was completed by Benito Olasagasti, under the supervision of the architect José Goicoa. The palace had a basement and three floors, the first two were for private use and the last, an attic, was reserved for the servants. Access through one of the sides is through a Tudor arch, decorated with reliefs.In front there is a noteworthy coat of arms of the Hapsburgs, the date MDCCCXCII, and the octagonal tower.Casa de los Oficios, Portería and the Cuerpo de Guardia are particularly noteworthy within the ensemble of buildings.

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Only the gardens are open to visitors.

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A concert by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra with the Orfeón Donostiarra (San Sebastián Choral Society), in the 74th San Sebastián Music Fortnight © Quincena Musical de San Sebastián

Aug 1, 2019 to Aug 31, 2019


Auditorio Kursaal - San Sebastián
San Sebastián Music Fortnight

The actor Ricardo Darin receiving the Donostia Award during the 2017 San Sebastián International Film Festival © Montse Castillo

Sep 20, 2019 to Sep 28, 2019


Auditorio Kursaal - San Sebastián
San Sebastián International Film Festival

Transparent image

Oct 6, 2019 to Oct 9, 2019


Centro Kursaal. Palacio de Congresos y Auditorio - San Sebastián
Congress: San Sebastián Gastronómika

Transparent image

Oct 26, 2019 to Nov 1, 2019


Donostia Kultura - San Sebastián
Horror and Fantasy Film Festival

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