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Convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval

  • Interior of the convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval © Turespaña

    Interior of the convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval © Turespaña





14th-18th centuries


Calle Bonaval, s/n.
15703 Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña, Galicia

Telephone+34 981583620

Fax+34 981554840


A wide range of styles

The convent was founded in the 13th century, although the current building dates from a later period.

The oldest document which mentions the convent dates from 1228. However it was not until the 15th century that it received the name of Santo Domingo. The convent church is one of the largest in Santiago. It has a basilical floor plan with three naves and three apses. The architectural style is in transition between the Romanesque and Gothic. Most of the convent is in the Baroque style, as can be seen from its façade. It was declared a National Monument in 1912. The great Galician romantic writer Rosalía de Castro is buried inside the convent church. In 1977, at the request of the recently constituted board of the Museum of the Galician People, the town council authorised the use of the building to house the museum of the same name.

Practical information



Tuesday to Saturday

Does not close at midday

11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Public holidays and Sundays

11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Closing days: Monday



General: €4

Reduced: €1,50

Children: Free admission

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