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Jewish Quarter in Cordoba

  • Street in the old Jewish quarter. Cordoba © Turespaña

    Street in the old Jewish quarter. Cordoba © Turespaña



Popular architecture


Siglo X

Barrio Judío
14001 Córdoba
Cordoba, Andalusia

Streets with a lot of character.

The Jewish quarter is a complex network of little streets with a typical Andalusian flavour. You must pay it a visit and get lost in its streets.

The Synagogue is situated in the centre of this traditional neighbourhood, it is one of the three that exist in Spain. The building is Mudejar in style, and presides over the neighbourhood and its inhabitants. This neighbourhood is also home to the statue in honour of the wise Jew Maimónides. It has an irregular layout. It was an intellectual stronghold in the time of Abderramán III.

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Nov 24, 2022 to Jan 15, 2023


Gardens of the Alcázar Fortress of the Christian Monarchs - Córdoba
Naturaleza Encendida Raíces

Procession during Easter Week in Cordoba © Turismo de Córdoba

Apr 2, 2023 to Apr 9, 2023

Easter week in Cordoba

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Great Mosque of Cordoba - Córdoba
The Soul of Cordoba. Nocturnal visit to the Great Mosque

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