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Morella defensive walls

  • San Miguel gate and towers. Morella city walls, Castellón © Turespaña

    San Miguel gate and towers. Morella city walls, Castellón © Turespaña



Defensive walls


Siglo XIV


Toda la población en su perímetro
12300 Morella
Castellón - Castelló, Valencia

Walled enclosure from the 14th century

Walled enclosure from the 14th century. It has a series of towers and gateways.

The walls actually date back to the 14th century. The most important part of the wall was built during the reign of Pedro el Ceremonioso on top of the ancient Arabian walls, although they were in turn changed in subsequent centuries. The wall was erected to protect the whole town and not just the castle. Aparisi Joan, the wall architect began building in 1330. It has a series of towers along its length, including Públic, la Nevera, el Trinquet, Sant Miquel, la Redona, de la Font, la Villa, Alòs, Beneyto, Sant Mateu, del Sol, de Fredes, del Forcall, del Carraixet, la Pólvora, del Rei, Estudis, San Francesc and Celoquia tower which is no longer standing, in the castle's Arms Courtyard. Of these, only the tower of Sant Miquel, which houses the Palaeontological Museum, is open to visitors.

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'Sexenni' in Morella

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