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Burgos cathedral

  • Burgos Cathedral © Turespaña

    Burgos Cathedral © Turespaña

  • Tympanum with pantocrator in Burgos cathedral © Castilla y León

    Tympanum with pantocrator in Burgos cathedral © Castilla y León

  • Cloister in Burgos cathedral © Turespaña

    Cloister in Burgos cathedral © Turespaña

  • Condestable chapel. Burgos cathedral © Turespaña

    Condestable chapel. Burgos cathedral © Turespaña

  • Golden staircase. Burgos Cathedral © Turespaña

    Golden staircase. Burgos Cathedral © Turespaña

  • Interior of the vault. Burgos cathedral

    Interior of the vault. Burgos cathedral





13th-16th centuries


Plaza Santa María, s/n.
09003 Burgos
Burgos, Castile-Leon

Telephone+34 947204712


One of the finest examples of Spanish Gothic art.

This cathedral is outstanding for the elegance and harmony of its architecture, and it is the only one in Spain which, for its cathedral building alone, has received the UNESCO World Heritage designation.

Although it is predominantly Gothic, the cathedral also displays other artistic styles, given that it was built over a period lasting from 1221 to 1795. Its main façade is the Puerta del Perdón, with a starred rose-window and a gallery of statues of the Castile monarchs. On either side are its 84-metre towers, crowned by magnificent 15th century spires with open stonework traceries. Its most beautiful group of sculptures, however, is to be found on the Puerta del Sarmental façade, with the image of a Pantocrator surrounded by the apostles and evangelists. Inside, special mention should be made of the dome of the main nave, topped with a beautiful Mudéjar vault. Beneath it lie the remains of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known as ‘El Cid Campeador’, and his wife, Doña Jimena. Close by you will find the beautiful Escalera Dorada golden staircase by Diego de Siloé, built in the 16th century and inspired in the Italian Renaissance. In the side-naves of the cathedral there are 19 chapels, with the Condestable and Santa Tecla chapels standing out especially. There are also valuable works of art to be enjoyed: a unique collection that includes altarpieces, paintings, choir stalls, tombs and sculptures, amongst other objects.

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Monday to Sunday

Does not close at midday

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM



General: €9

Groups: €8

Retired persons: €8

Students: €5

Children: €2

Disabled persons: €5

Large families: €5

Horario especial: 24 y 31 de diciembre: 

De 10:00 a 13:00 horas.

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Burgos Cathedral © Turespaña

Apr 2, 2023 to Apr 9, 2023

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Easter Week in Burgos

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Pending confirmation 2012.


Teatro Principal de Burgos - Burgos
"City of Burgos" International Folk Festival

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