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Güell Palace

  • View of the interior of Güell Palace in Barcelona © EFE

    View of the interior of Güell Palace in Barcelona © EFE





Siglo XIX


Antoni Gaudí


Calle Nou de la Rambla 3-5
08001 Barcelona
Barcelona, Catalonia

Telephone+34 934725775

Fax+34 934725772


This is listed as a world Heritage site by UNESCO, together with another six works by Antoni Gaudí.

It was a commission given to Gaudí by Count Güell, and was one of the architect’s first important works. The general design follows the lines of his creations at the time, which was marked by an oriental style. It is in the Raval district, near the Rambla avenue.

The building was constructed on top of some basements with mushroom-shaped columns with pyramid trunks. The entrance doors are iron work with coiled sculptured snakes that represent movement. The big central hall has a parabolic cupola. The beautiful terrace and its sculptured chimneys is a veritable outdoor museum.

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