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Ávila City Walls

  • Avila city walls © Castilla y León

    Avila city walls © Castilla y León

  • View of Avila and its walls © Turespaña

    View of Avila and its walls © Turespaña

  • Avila city walls © Turespaña

    Avila city walls © Turespaña



Defensive walls


Siglo XII

C/ Lope Nuñez, 4 Concejalía de Patrimonio (Tramos visitables: Puerta del Alcázar, Arco del Carmen, Casa de Carnicerías, Puente Adaja)
05001 Ávila
Ávila, Castile-Leon

Telephone+34 920350000


The walled enclosure dates back to the Middle Ages.

The wall controlled the entrance of provisions and merchandise, and also isolated the city, guarding it against the potential outbreak of a plague or epidemic, in addition to its obvious defensive function. It is shaped like an irregular rectangle, with crenellated towers and round turrets. It has nine gates that provided access to the city, of which the most spectacular is Puerta del Alcázar (Gate of the Fortress). It was declared a National Monument in 1884.

Practical information



Monday to Sunday

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

5:00 PM to 11:00 PM

A partir de las 21.30 h el recorrido se reduce hasta el Palacio de los Sofraga (400 m).

El acceso de “Puerta de Alcázar queda temporalmente cerrado”.
Último acceso antes del cierre. Carnicerías, Arco del Carmen y Adaja: 30 m. antes del cierre.


Jun 15 to Sep 15

Monday to Sunday

Does not close at midday

10:00 AM to 8:00 PM



General: €5

Reduced: €3,5

Gratuita: Martes de 14:00h a 16:00h salvo festivos o vísperas de festivos

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Holy week procession in Avila © Luis Antonio Sánchez Schmitt

Apr 2, 2023 to Apr 9, 2023

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

Easter Week in Ávila

View of the city of Ávila © Turespaña

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Ávila - Ávila
Tapas competition in Avila

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