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Church of San Juan de Priorio

  • Church of San Juan de Priorio. Oviedo © Infoasturias - Arnaud Späni

    Church of San Juan de Priorio. Oviedo © Infoasturias - Arnaud Späni





12th-13th centuries


33174 Las Caldas, Oviedo

Telephone+34 985227586


Standing on the Northern Route of the Way of Saint James, this church has various peculiarities in its construction which make it unique among the buildings in the region of Asturias.

The numerous later additions to the church's structure include the belfry (18th century), the side chapels (late 19th century), the portico and the baptistery (first half of the 20th century).
The remaining part of the original Romanesque structure is of outstanding importance: the west façade is the only one in the whole of the region of Asturias with a sculpted tympanum; it features a Pantocrator or 'Maiestas Domini', accompanied by the Tetramorphs (the symbols of the four gospel writers).
The 2006 restoration significantly improved the condition of the church –particularly its chestnut-wood pitched roof– and included the repair of the carvings, which, in addition to the tympanum mentioned above, has various modillions and the capitals on the triumphal arch connecting the nave with the apse.

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Open during hours of worship.

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Parade during Americas Day in Asturias © Principado de Asturias

Sep 19, 2019

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

America Day in Asturias

Richard Ford, Literary Arts Princesa de Asturias Prize 2016 | ©FPA

To be confirmed 2019


Teatro Campoamor - Oviedo
Princesa de Asturias Prizes

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