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Casino of Llanes

  • Casino de Llanes

    Casino de Llanes







Juan Álvarez de Mendoza


Calle Nemesio Sobrino, s/n
33500 Llanes


This palace once housed the former Casino-Theatre of Llanes, an extremely important social centre for the town's bourgeoisie. It represents an exceptional example of what is known as the 'indiano architecture' of northern Spain.

The term 'Indiano architecture' refers to the luxurious residential buildings (palaces, villas, etc.) created by members of the haute bourgeoisie and leisured upper classes who had made their fortunes in trade and industry in the Americas (the 'Indies'), on their return to their native Spain.
This is the case of the eclectic Casino de Llanes, which features a mixture of architectural styles and décor in vogue in the early 20th century, such as Modernism, Noucentisme and art nouveau.
Of particular note is the exotic decoration of the interior and exterior. The many and varied details include everything from Venetian mirrors to dust covers decorated with plant motifs, plaster ceilings, painting imitating marble, allegorical drawings and borders of all kinds, Modernist furniture, etc.

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Only the exterior of the monument can be visited.

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Festivity of the Virgin of La Guía. Llanes, Asturias © Turespaña

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Virgen de la Guía Fiesta

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