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Turia Gardens

  • Turia Gardens, Valencia.

    Turia Gardens, Valencia.

  • Turia Gardens. Valencia © Turespaña

    Turia Gardens. Valencia © Turespaña

Antiguo cauce del Turia
46010 Valencia

Turia Gardens were created at the end of the 20th century as a result of the diversion of the river to a new artificial course, south of the city, after the catastrophic flood of 1957. The project included 120 hectares of dry riverbed which would become the new riverside park. It was developed by Catalonian architect Ricardo Bofill, defined as "a composition making use of the symbolic power of certain rhythms and references to the Moorish garden". The park is divided into twelve sections, each of which has its own character, so that on the first sections there are cyclo-cross and biking circuits, as well as sports facilities including an athletics track and a multi-sports area, football, rugby and baseball pitches and a skating track, while in the last areas there are more conventional gardens. Of these, mention should be made of the Palau garden area, home to the Palacio de la Música auditorium, the work of Valencia architect José María García Paredes.

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Festivity of National Tourist Interest

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