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Horse Fair

  • Man and horses during the Horse Fair. Jerez de la Frontera ©Turespaña

    Man and horses during the Horse Fair. Jerez de la Frontera ©Turespaña



Festivity of International Tourist Interest


To be confirmed 2021
Jerez de la Frontera
Cadiz, Andalusia

All the acts and celebrations in this fiesta centre on the world of horses.

The Jerez Horse Fair consists of joy, fun and purebred animals. The nobility of the horses you can see during the event has made it internationally famous. Of ancient origins (1284), it was originally a livestock market. Over the years it evolved into today's conglomerate of festivities. Among the different events, mention should be made of the equestrian contests and competitions, and of the marquees set up in González de Hontoria park, adorning its avenues and paths with flowers and garlands over the course of the fair.

There are all kinds of horse-related activities during this festive week, such as international show-jumping competitions, dressage, horse rally, select livestock exhibitions and auctions. Furthermore, during the day, González de Hontoria park fills with hundreds of male and female riders, and carriages that drive through the streets of the show ground in a majestic spectacle well worth seeing. This is where the brotherhoods and associations set up their marquees, whose decoration centres on a different theme each year. Prizes are awarded to the best. Inside the marquees there is fino wine (sherry) and regional produce to sample. People dance Sevillanas until the early hours of the morning with an incredible, enjoyable atmosphere that seems to transform the park into one big flamenco hall. There are also food and drinks stands and children’s attractions. Bullfights, Sevillana dance competitions and fireworks are other festive activities that complete the programme of the Fair.


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