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Picasso. 'Guernica' Modernism and Avant-garde movements The turn of the century brought new winds of modernity. The aesthetic sensibility of the time was marked by a different, freer attitude towards art and life.


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Virtual exhibitions in Spain is Culture

Themed, commemorative, curious… Don't miss our virtual exhibitions. They reveal a selection of some of the outstanding works that can be seen on the Spain is Culture website, in a wealth of detail and in 3D. You'll have the chance to admire each item in ultra high-definition and appreciate its artistic worth in a new and different way.

El Greco: exposición virtual El Greco
El Greco's masterpieces were the stars of the cultural year in 2014, on the event of the commemoration of the fourth centenary of the painter's death. "The nobleman with his hand on his chest", "The Annunciation" and "View and plan of Toledo" are some of the works we show you in close up.
See the virtual exhibition: El Greco


Bodegones: exposición virtual Still lives: gastronomy and art
The daily sensations, colours and aspects of cooking have long been a recurring theme in painting. The genre of still life offers an array of suggestive images, sometimes realistic, sometimes loaded with symbolism. On occasion they even reveal historical and social aspects of the time.
See the virtual exhibition: Still lives, gastronomy and art.


Obras del MAN: exposición virtual Works in the National Archaeology Museum (MAN)
In April 2014, after several years of refurbishment, the National Archaeology Museum once again opened its doors to the public. Here we present a selection of its most significant items, outstanding for both their artistic and historical importance. A brief tour around the diversity of all the peoples and cultures that have left their mark on Spain.
See the virtual exhibition: Works in the National Archaeology Museum


Arte y moda: exposición virtual Art and fashion
Dresses, costumes, accessories… Throughout history, fashion has always been closely connected to culture and art. Aesthetics, creativity and functionality often merge together to give rise to genuine works of art. Many of these pieces today can be found in museums.
See the virtual exhibition: The art of fashion


Obras maestras de ciencia y arte: exposición virtual 101 Masterpieces of science and art
The project "101 masterpieces: science and art in the museums and libraries of Madrid", at the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC), features 101 representative works chosen for their artistic and scientific value. Discover the pieces in the selection shown on the Spain is Culture website.
See the virtual exhibition: 101 masterpieces of science and art


El detalle revelado: exposición virtual The detail revealed
The process of digitizing the artworks in Spain's museums was the subject of the exhibition "The detail revealed. A new look at museums", on display in 2012 in the Cerralbo Museum in Madrid. The 16 pieces included in this virtual exhibition were chosen for the event.
See the virtual exhibition: The detail revealed.

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