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Bicentenary of the birth of José Zorrilla

Casa-Museo de Zorrilla ©Francisco J. de las Heras

2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of José Zorrilla, best known as the author of 'Don Juan Tenorio'. As a tribute to him and his work, 'Zorrilla Year' will be celebrated with a host of activities to be held mainly in Valladolid, the city of the writer’s birth.

What activities are planned? You will have the chance to go to several exhibitions dedicated to him, such as 'Genios e ingenios en la España de Zorrilla', 'José Zorrilla y el rostro de las letras' or 'Las lecturas de Zorrilla'. Music lovers will enjoy the musical 'Don Juan Tenorio', a musical evening in the poets’ favourite café. or the 'Emplazados en el jardín' concert series.

There will also be two very special dates. This year, on 'Museum Night' (Saturday 20 May), several actors will reenact a performance in the Zorrilla House-Museum in Valladolid and transport the visitors back to the Romantic period. Furthermore, on 22 April a great poetry get-together will be organised, with urban poets, independent poets, visual poets, families of poets, etc. taking part.

All of this plus the international conference 'Zorrilla and Hispanic culture', as well as other activities such as literary competitions, conferences, plays, poetry days and a special programme for families. In addition, part of the celebration of this 'Zorrilla Year' will be extended to other cities such as Madrid (the National Library will be organising an exhibition in autumn 2017), Seville, Soria, Lerma and Torquemada.

You’ll find all the events as they are confirmed on the following official website:

General information

Jan 9, 2017 to Feb 28, 2018


Location and contact

Valladolid, Castile-Leon

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