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Edades del Hombre 2017. Reconciliare

Cuéllar © Open Comunicación

Cuéllar (Segovia) in the region of Castile and León is hosting the latest exhibition by ‘Las Edades del Hombre’, showcasing some of Europe's most important religious art.

Las Edades del Hombre is a foundation giving the public access to the rich heritage of the Catholic Church in Castile and León, which owns one of the largest collections of religious art in Europe.

This year's exhibition ‘Reconciliare’ is focused around the world’s need for reconciliation. It is organised in four parts, housed in the three emblematic churches of Cuéllar: San Andrés church, San Martín church and Esteban church. Three buildings also worth visiting for their own merits.

Various parallel activities will also be organised such as the ‘Ages Card’, the ‘Ages Menus’, a prize draw for a themed holiday and the ‘Ages Tapas’.

More than 11 million people have already seen the previous exhibitions organised by Las Edades del Hombre. The exhibition is a good excuse to enjoy not only the art, but also other monuments from the medieval town of Cuéllar such as the Castle and the City Walls or the delicious cuisine from the area with typical dishes such as roasted milk-fed lamb.


General information

Apr 1, 2017 to Nov 30, 2017


Location and contact

Centro de Recepción de visitantes y taquilla de la exposición

Plaza de San Agustín, s/n
Segovia, Castile-Leon

Contact details
Telephone  +34 980043039

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