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Jubilee Year 2017 in Caravaca de la Cruz

La Vera Cruz Sanctuary © Turespaña

The town of Caravaca de la Cruz, in Murcia, celebrates the Jubilee Year of 2017 with a series of cultural, culinary and sporting activities, as well as events relating to faith and knowledge.

The great religious icon of this Murcia town is, of course, its Cross, a medieval relic that has been carefully preserved over the centuries. For a long time, Caravaca itself was a pilgrimage destination, and in 1998 the Holy See granted it a perpetual Jubilee Year, celebrated every seven years.

There will be important cultural events in 2017, such as the exhibition 'Francisco Salzillo and his school', with fine examples of religious imagery; 'Signum, the glory of the Renaissance', with works of art created during the Renaissance in the former Kingdom of Murcia; and 'Crosses of Caravaca', with 25 different interpretations of the True Cross.

Music also plays a part, with a cycle of religious music in heritage spaces, and an acoustic concert with artists from 10 countries defending values such as peace.

Those interested in food can see traditional recipes recovered and restored in the conference 'Jubilee kitchens'. And sports enthusiasts will enjoy other activities, like the 'Caravaca Año Jubilar 2017 Punta Este' regatta, or a long-distance race between Murcia Cathedral and the Basilica of La Vera Cruz.

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Jan 1, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017

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Caravaca de la Cruz

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