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Vivarium: Embroideries by Francisca Artigues over designs by Miquel Barceló

Exhibition “Vivarium. Embroideries by Francisca Artigues over designs by Miquel Barceló” at the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid

This unique exhibition in the Villanueva Pavilion at the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid combines the handmade fabrics of Miquel Barceló, embroidered by his mother, and thirty original watercolours by the Mallorcan painter.

Since 2010, Francisca Artigues, Miquel Barceló’s mother, has dedicated hundreds of hours to embroidering the designs that her son has drawn on domestic linen and cotton fabrics. Now, this handmade work can be seen. It illuminates and brings life to the figures and motifs created by Barceló, which were inspired by nature and the Mediterranean.

The “Vivarium” exhibition contains 13 large embroideries by Francisca Artigues (curtains, tablecloths and quilts), and 30 of the original watercolour designs by Miquel Barceló, including various portraits of his mother and works with animal motifs.

General information

Sep 23, 2018 to Jan 6, 2019
Decorative arts


Location and contact

Royal Botanical Garden

Plaza de Murillo, 2
28014 Madrid
Telephone  +34 914200438
Fax  +34 914200438

Practical information


October, Monday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:30 pm
November to January, Monday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm



Telephone  +34 914200438

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