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Workshop-visit for families “Thousands of inhabitants”

Vista aérea del edificio del Museo de América

From November, the Museum of America will be offering a programme of activities for families every other weekend.

From November to June, families will be able to participate in visits + workshops at the Museum of America, as part of the “Thousands of inhabitants” programme. A visit that shows how, on the American continent, there have been, and continue to be, multiple ways of living, customs, recipes, games and traditions, ways of dressing, and which looks at the different American cultures that have existed on the continent. Calendar: - NOVEMBER: 17 & 18. - DECEMBER: 1 & 2, 15 & 16, 22 & 23. - JANUARY: 12 & 13, 26 & 27. - FEBRUARY: 9 & 10, 23 & 24. - MARCH: 9 & 10, 23 & 24. - APRIL: 6 & 7, 27 & 28. - MAY: 11 & 12, 25 & 26. - JUNE: 8 & 9.

General information

Nov 17, 2018 to Jun 9, 2019

Children's activity, Workshop

Location and contact

Museum of the Americas

Avenida Reyes Católicos, 6
28040 Madrid
Telephone  +34 915492641
Fax  +34 915446742

Practical information

Telephone  +34 915439437

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