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Museum drama at the National Archaeology Museum

"Areva, a woman of Numancia": National Archaeology Museum. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

This is a series of brief theatrical pieces that explain different episodes in history from the point of view of the protagonists.

The National Archaeology Museum offers a different way of describing the past through this series of 30-minute dramatised monologues. It will be the protagonists of history themselves who convey their experiences at first hand, hence making us their accomplices and witnesses.

The performance schedule is as follows:

"Nea, the last Neanderthal": a Neanderthal woman sets out to spend the night in a makeshift shelter, while she remembers how she got there, in a different world in which "strange human beings" occupy the same places where she expected to find her old family clan (25 of September, 9-23 October).

"Areva, a woman of Numancia": a moving story of how a nameless woman experienced the war of Numancia (6-20 November, 4 December)..

"Caius, an engineer from Calagurris": an intriguing debate between the Roman engineer Caius and his neighbours on the drawbacks and benefits of public works (8-22 January, 5 February 2023).

"Wamba, the pain and death of the Goth King": in his last days, King Wamba, now retired, looks back over his life and gives wise counsel and his nephew Égica, who has recently inherited the throne (19 February, 5-19 March 2023).

"Subh, the sayyida": Subh, the queen mother, meets with her scribes and viziers to dispatch the correspondence of the caliphate of Cordoba in the 10th century, as she suspects that Almanzor is betraying her (26 March, 9-23 April 2023).

"Guillem, the Pilgrim": the fearful Guillem must go to Compostela to ask the apostle to end the plague that is destroying his region. Along the St James Way you will discover new cities, meet people from all over Europe and become a new person (7-21 May, 4 June 2023).

General information

Sep 25, 2022 to Jun 4, 2023

Children's activity, Performance, Other

Location and contact

National Archaeological Museum

Calle Serrano, 13
28001 Madrid
Telephone  +34 915777912

Practical information



1:00 PM to 1:30 PM



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