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Exhibition: The Viceroy’s daughter. The feminine world in New Spain in the 17th century

Detail of the “Portrait of Mrs María Luisa de Toledo with her indigenous companion”. Attributed to Antonio Rodriguez, circa 1670. Mexico. Oil on canvas, 209 x 128 cm. MAM 2016/06/01 Prado Museum Collection. Photography by © Alberto Otero. Photography archive of the Prado Museum.

The Museum of the Americas welcomes this exhibition about the feminine world in New Spain in the 17th century, contrasting two types of belongings: the luxury of the Viceroy’s daughter in Mexico and the simpler outfit belonging to an indigenous woman.

The exhibition starts with a portrait from the Prado Museum of two women: one lavishly dressed lady next to a small indigenous woman with a completely tattooed face. The documentary research ran until María Luisa de Toledo y Carreto, the daughter of the Marquis of Mancera, Vicerroy of New Spain between 1664 and 1673, and the detailed descriptive inventory of the fabulous belongings she brought to Mexico. Judging by the tattoos, the indigenous lady came from the Chichimeca region.

The exhibition reconstructs the belongings of the characters in the portrait through paintings, ceramics, furniture and other objects. This brings us closer to these two contrasting universes in viceregal America from a female perspective: the rich lifestyle of the Court in 17th century Mexico compared to the indigenous world.

General information

Oct 29, 2018 to Apr 28, 2019
Decorative arts, Ethnology


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