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The Art of the Poster. Graphic Artists at the National Museum of Decorative Arts (1900-1936)

From left to right: Perfumes de Oriente (1925), Ramón Peinador Checa, gouache on paper; Anís del Mono (1905), Tomás Sala, tin plaque with chromolithography printing; and Ball de les flors (1904), José Mongrell i Torrent, chromolithographic print on paper.

For the first time, the National Museum of Decorative Arts (MNAD) is exhibiting one of its least-known collections: a selection of watercolour artwork for posters from 1900 to 1936.

Early 20th century posters were an important part of the art of advertising. With styles ranging from conventional genre scenes to Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Spanish graphic art of the period used pictorial codes and resources to create a visual language that was easy to understand and highly effective, well suited to the new habits and customs of the society of the time.

The artists who designed this collection of posters include Josep Morell, Ludwig Hohlwein, Fernando Marco Díaz-Pintado and Ramón Peinador Checa. The images advertise consumer products, but they also reveal the attractions of the country and its efforts to modernise, publicising its scientific, technical and artistic achievements. In fact, many of the posters on show represented Spain in national and international expositions.

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Sep 27, 2019 to Oct 4, 2020


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