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2019-2020 season at the Teatro Real. The Passenger, by Mieczyslaw Weinberg

A scene from “The Passenger”, by Weinberg. © Karl Forster

One of the most revolutionary operas of recent years comes to Spain: "The Passenger", by Mieczyslaw Weinberg, a dramatic tale which sheds new light on Nazism.

After the Second World War, two former residents of Auschwitz meet on board a ship. They are both trying to escape their pasts, which are very different. One was a warden. The other was her prisoner and the victim of her macabre tortures. The work, based on an autobiographical story, centres on their relationship, unleashing an emotional earthquake. “The Passenger” will be shown for the first time in Spain at the Teatro Real in a high-impact production by David Pountney, showing the audience the past and present at the same time, on two levels: at the top of the stage, the deck of a ship sailing to Brazil; below, the concentration camp which was the scene of one of humanity’s most shameful episodes.

General information

Jun 8, 2020 to Jun 22, 2020

2019-2020 season at the Teatro Real

Location and contact

Teatro Real Theatre

Plaza de Oriente s/n
28013 Madrid
Telephone  +34 915160696
+34 902244848
Fax  +34 915160651

Practical information


A 8:00 PM


A 6:00 PM

Telephone  +34 902244848

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