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2018-2019 season at the Teatro Real. Turandot

Ensayo de "Turandot": el escenógrafo Bob Wilson junto a la soprano Miren Urbieta-Veja © Javier del Real. Teatro Real

Giacomo Puccini joins Robert Wilson in the new season at the Teatro Real to delight the audience with Turandot, an opera about a Chinese princess who is seemingly incapable of love.

This is the final work by Giacomo Puccini who, after a twenty-year absence, is returning with a new production by one of the most significant stage directors of the 20th and 21st century, Robert Wilson. Nina Stemme, Gregory Kunde and Yolanda Auyanet are some of the stand-out names from the cast, while Nicola Luisotti, one of the biggest Italian names, is the musical director.
Based on an epic twelfth-century Persian poem, Turandot is about a Chinese Princess who is seemingly incapable of love and tries to behead each and every one of her suitors. She finally stops beheading people when she falls in love with one of her suitors, and the cruel princess with pathological and sadistic traits transforms into a vulnerable woman in love.

General information

Nov 30, 2018 to Dec 30, 2018
Music, Opera

Concert / recital
2018-2019 season at the Teatro Real

Location and contact

Teatro Real Theatre

Plaza de Oriente s/n
28013 Madrid
Telephone  +34 915160696
+34 902244848
Fax  +34 915160651

Practical information


A 6:00 PM

A 8:00 PM

Telephone  +34 902244848

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