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2018-2019 season at the Teatro Real. Everyone at the Gayarre! - Musical workshops

Poster for “Sundays at Gayarre!” © Mónica Carretero. Teatro Real.

Musical workshop cycle at the Gayarre! The 2018-2019 season at the Teatro Real includes an unmissable date which provides an introduction to music for the smallest members of the family.


07/10, “The devil lurks” With Aurora Costanza, Elena Di Mare and Inés Ruiz Calderón as ballerinas and Fernando Palacios as the presenter of these workshops, The Devil Lurks is the first representation where Mephistopheles will try to seduce us but will not find it easy.

11/11, “The journeys of the wooden doll” This is a complementary activity to “The Nutcracker” by the National Dance Company in which the nutcracker combats boredom by travelling.

02/12, “The secret name” An interpretation by the tenor Pancho Carujo and pianist Miguel Huertas, which tells the story of a tenor who won’t let us sleep until we have solved the three riddles from the story.

13/01, “Adventure under the water” Alberich the nibelung forges a ring with gold from the nymphs. A complementary activity to Das Rheingold with Camille Levecque on the harp.

10/02, “Trojans and Cretans” It tells the story of a prince who kills the sea serpent Neptune and transforms into a King. It is a workshop complementing “Idomeneus”.

10/03, “Gods and nymphs”, From girl to bear, and from bear to big bear. A activity complementing “La Calisto”.

28/04, “The scrounger who laughed at the world”. A story about a vain, cowardly, chubby, argumentative, but very amusing scrounger. Activity complementing “Falstaff”.

26/05, “Today we act on impulse”. This tells the story of a countess who has doubts about being with the poet or the musician. Activity complementing “Capriccio”.

23/06, “Who is haunting at night?” A mysterious folk singer is always singing the same song. A activity complementing “Il Trovatore”.


General information

Oct 7, 2018 to Jun 24, 2019

Concert / recital
2018-2019 season at the Teatro Real

Location and contact

Teatro Real Theatre

Plaza de Oriente s/n
28013 Madrid
Telephone  +34 915160696
+34 902244848
Fax  +34 915160651

Practical information


A 12:00 PM

A 5:00 PM

Telephone  +34 902244848

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