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Granada International Festival

Show in the Generalife gardens by night. International Music and Dance Festival 2014 © Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada

The Granada International Festival of Music and Dance will be held in various emblematic settings in and around the city of Granada. This event’s origins date back to certain symphonic concerts that were held at King Carlos V Palace from 1883 onwards, and the “Cante Jondo” (Flamenco singing) Contest held in Plaza de los Aljibes Square in the Alhambra in 1922, which was attended by such illustrious figures as Federico García Lorca, Manuel de Falla, Ramón Gómez de la Serna, Santiago Rusiñol and other intellectuals and artists of the time.

The event encompasses many different styles and genres, each held in a unique setting. Concerts performed by large symphony orchestras will be held at King Carlos V Palace; dance and ballet at the open-air theatre in Generalife Gardens; recitals at El Patio de los Arrayanes in the Alhambra; matinee concerts in some of Granada’s historic churches and buildings; "Flamenco Late Nights" and world music in the characteristic areas of El Albaicín and El Sacromonte, attracting over 30,000 people every year.

General information

Jun 21, 2023 to Jul 19, 2023
Dance, Flamenco, Music, Theatre


Location and contact

The Alhambra

Granada, Andalusia

Contact details

Practical information

Telephone  +34 958221844

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