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Picasso. 'Guernica' Modernism and Avant-garde movements The turn of the century brought new winds of modernity. The aesthetic sensibility of the time was marked by a different, freer attitude towards art and life.


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The Baroque and the Spanish Golden Age

A new spirituality for a time of crisis. The social instability of the time permeates artistic and literary forms. The Council of Trent (1545-1563) and the Counter-Reformation signalled a change of direction in religious ideas. Christian spirituality, instead of the pre-eminence of man, once again reclaimed its place as the driving force behind the era of the Renaissance. The economic decline and unrest prevailing in the second half of the 16th and 17th centuries gave rise to a climate of unease and social instability. This pervaded all forms of cultural endeavour and suffused both artistic and musical creations. Columns, silhouettes and musical scores became increasingly ornate and convoluted. In literary endeavour, this is the great period of Spanish classical theatre, the maturity of poetry and, with Don Quixote, the birth of the modern novel.

A mirror of human life  -  Full of symbols, iconography, and metaphors, this tapestry tells a moral tale about the brevity of life, wealth and earthly vanities.   See more

Speculum Humanae Vitae. Tapestry. A Coruña Museum of Fine Arts © Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

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The Baroque and the Spanish Golden Age
The Baroque and the Spanish Golden Age


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Ibiza International Music Summit

Image from the exhibition 'The Birth of Abstraction. Line and color in the IVAM Collection' © IVAM. Valencia Institute of Modern Art

Jul 20, 2017 to Sep 16, 2018


Valencia Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) - Valencia
Exhibition: The Birth of Abstraction. Line and color in the IVAM Collection

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Oct 9, 2017 to Sep 9, 2018


Nuevo Teatro Alcalá - Madrid
Musical: Billy Elliot. Madrid


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