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Cabrera Archipelago National Park

  • Cabrera Archipelago National Park © Turespaña

    Cabrera Archipelago National Park © Turespaña

  • Cabrera Archipelago National Park © Turespaña

    Cabrera Archipelago National Park © Turespaña



National park


90.794 hectares
Gremi de Corredors núm 10 1º Polígon Son Rossinyol
Cabrera, Balearic Islands

Inland unspoiled ecosystem

Just over an hour's sailing from Majorca, stands this spot that boasts a considerable wealth of nature.

In this group of islands and calcareous rocky isles, its marine ecosystem is particularly noteworthy, with the presence of meadows of Neptunegrass, enabling the proliferation of marine fauna. This marine area is one of the best preserved on our coastlines. Besides, there are several exceptional botanical endemisms, as well as large colonies of birds. This is why it was named National Marine and Land Park in 1991.

Practical information

Information for visits

The Nature Park can be visited by boat from Colonia de Sant Jordi and Porto Petro. For private boat trips you will need authorisation from the Park Authorities. Check with the visitor centres.

Environmental information

Archipelago consisting of one main island: Cabrera, six smaller islands and a dozen rocky isles. It is the emerged extension of Majorca's Sierra de Levante and possesses an uneven and rugged relief.

Cultural information

Apart from its nature attractions, it possesses others of a cultural variety, such as the 14th century Castle, declared to be a historic-artistic monument, plus land and underwater archaeological sites.


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