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Doñana National Park

  • Doñana National Park © Turespaña

    Doñana National Park © Turespaña

  • Doñana National Park © Turespaña

    Doñana National Park © Turespaña

  • Doñana National Park © Turespaña

    Doñana National Park © Turespaña

  • Doñana National Park © Turespaña

    Doñana National Park © Turespaña



National park


54252 hectares
Huelva, Andalusia

Telephone+34 959448640 - +34 956448711


Mosaic of ecosystems

The National Park's biodiversity is the result of the conjunction of different ecosystems.

The Park is noted for its extreme flatness. There, you can see a transition from the undulating topography of the 'cotos' to the marshes, which are the most noteworthy seeing as they provide a refuge for many migratory birds. The vegetation is also determined by the different ecosystems (dunes, sandy ground, fresh water and lakes...). With respect to the fauna, Doñana is home to a large number of species which, apart from the outstanding presence of the birds, includes the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardina), which has become an emblem of the Park, since it is a carnivore endemic to the Iberian Peninsula.

Practical information

Information for visits

In the area surrounding the park you can find several Visitor Centres where visits can be arranged. There is one in the province of Seville, another one in Cádiz, and three more in Huelva. Guided tours take off from the El Acebuche Visitor Centre. Address: Plaza Acebuchal, 22. El Rocío. Huelva.

Environmental information

It comprises three different ecosystems: swamps, moving dunes and stabilized sands or 'cotos'.

Cultural information

The relationship between man and nature established between Doñana and in inhabitants over history, is one of the most striking features when you visit.


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