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Cabañeros National Park

  • Cabañeros National Park © Turespaña

    Cabañeros National Park © Turespaña



National park


40.852 hectares
Ciudad Real, Castile-La Mancha
Ciudad Real

Telephone+34 926783297

Fax+34 926783484


Iberian meadow fauna

Cabañeros National Park is noted for its rich fauna, that includes a considerable number of endemic species.

The lush pastures, mountain ranges and massifs covered in forests and Mediterranean scrub, make this landscape particularly beautiful. It is also the habitat of very important fauna, mainly consisting of birds (black vulture, Iberian eagle, golden eagle). Cabañeros is also a land of large mammals (45 species). It is easy to spot the red deer, wild boar or roe deer.

Practical information

Information for visits

Its has various routes, visitor centres and museums. There are two roads which run through the park, offering outstanding views of the forests and with areas of rock roses and heaths among strawberry trees. Check with the visitor centres.

Environmental information

Cabañeros combines Mediterranean landscape with some areas of Atlantic vegetation; thus, for example, we find pastures, holm oak or cork oak groves and scrub. The fauna in the park is very rich, and boasts several endemic species. Here live almost 200 species of birds and large mammals.

Cultural information

You can visit the different towns on the vast La Mancha plain, where examples of artistic and monumental heritage abound.


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