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Cine Doré

  • Screening of a film from the Spanish Film Archive at the Cine Doré cinema. Madrid © Ministerio de Cultura

    Screening of a film from the Spanish Film Archive at the Cine Doré cinema. Madrid © Ministerio de Cultura

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Santa Isabel, 3
28012 Madrid

Telephone34 913691125

Fax34 913691250


This is the screening room of the Spanish Film Archive (Filmoteca Española), and has three rooms which offer daily shows of audiovisual content.

It was built in 1923 and is today used both for screening material from the Film Archive and as a venue for activities for promotional purposes such as talks, seminars, presentations and so on.

It first opened in 1912, with the name Salón Doré. In its early years the Cine Doré enjoyed great success. It later lost its appeal and was converted into a local neighbour cinema, finally closing in 1963. In 1982, it was selected as the permanent screening venue for the Spanish Film Archive. It re-opened in 1989 after a careful restoration in which care was taken to conserve the original Modernist architectural and decorative elements, and a new screening room was added. Today, one of the rooms recreates the earlier cinema in the first Salón Doré. During the summer months there is also an additional open-air cinema on the premises.

Practical information



Tuesday to Sunday

Closing days: Monday and Public holidays



General: €02,50

Reduced: €02,00

Café / restaurant


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