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Algorta (Getxo)

  • Ereaga Beach © Turespaña

    Ereaga Beach © Turespaña

Algorta, Getxo
Vizcaya - Bizkaia, Basque Country
Vizcaya - Bizkaia

Sitting on the bay of El Abra, on the Bilbao estuary, is the municipal district of Getxo. Here is where you will find Algorta, which has an old fishing port, modern nautical facilities and beautiful small palaces near the beach.

The Old Port of Algorta sits at one end of the beach of Ereaga, a perfect place for surfing and which has a bustling nightlife. Narrow streets and whitewashed façades with brightly-coloured doors, windows and balconies make up the fishing neighbourhood. A great many bars offer “pintxos” (canapés) and cocktail stick snacks to go with your drink. The Usategi viewing point, meanwhile, has amazing views over El Abra.

At the other end of the beach are the sports facilities, suitable for scuba diving, sailing, canoeing... And very close by stand the early 20th-century small palaces and mansions of Atxekolandeta. Among the most emblematic are Lezama Leguizamón, the Palace of Mudela, the Ampuero Palace, the country house of Aizgoyen or the Arriluze Palace. Situated on the coast and surrounded by gardens, they form a fine collection of buildings.

Outstanding on the Arriluze Wharf is the so-called Casa de los Náufragos (House of the Shipwrecked). The structure, in the style of Basque country houses, stands on a large arcade and is crowned by a circular lighthouse.

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