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National Drama Centre

  • National Drama Centre. ‘El baile’ © David Ruano. Ministerio de Cultura

    National Drama Centre. ‘El baile’ © David Ruano. Ministerio de Cultura



Ernesto Caballero

Tamayo y Baus, 4
28004 Madrid



This important theatre production centre was created by the Ministry of Culture. The centre depends on the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music. It has two main venues: María Guerrero Theatre and Valle-Inclán Theatre.
Adolfo Marsillach oversaw its creation in 1978. Other directors have been Nuria Espert, Ramón Tamayo, Jose Luís Gómez, Lluís Pasqual and Jose Carlos Plaza. The primary goal of this institution is the diffusion and consolidation of the vast currents and tendencies in contemporary drama, emphasising current Spanish production.
The National Drama Centre has held more than 300 performances, among those that underscore its trajectory in Spanish drama in the 20th century. In addition to performances held at its two main venues in the city of Madrid, the institute brings its shows on tours both in Spain and the international circuit.



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Paco Gámez writes and directs “Inquilino” at the Centro Dramático Nacional. © MarcosGPunto

Dec 12, 2019 to Jan 19, 2020


María Guerrero Theatre - Madrid
Inquilino (Numancia 9, 2ºA)

A scene from “Divinas Palabras” by Valle-Inclán. © MarcosGPunto

Dec 13, 2019 to Jan 19, 2020


María Guerrero Theatre - Madrid
Divinas palabras

Transparent image

Jan 18, 2020 to Jan 19, 2020


Teatro Guimerá - Santa Cruz de Tenerife
El mago (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Transparent image

Jan 18, 2020 to Jan 19, 2020

Children's activity, Show

Valle-Inclán Theatre - Madrid
Titerescena: Nube a nube

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