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La Fura dels Baus

  • La Fura dels Baus. ‘A Taste of Titus Andronicus’ © EFE

    La Fura dels Baus. ‘A Taste of Titus Andronicus’ © EFE



Pep Gatell
Pujades 77-79, 2n 6a
Barcelona, Catalonia




One of the most standout groups on the international theatre scene with a language based on interaction, the use of unusual spaces and adapting the scene to each space.

It was set up in 1979 and has performed many international tours with hundreds of shows. The performances are characterised by music, movement, the use of organic and industrial material, symbols and new technology, and interaction with the public.
In addition to creations performed on purpose sets, it has developed special events and macro-shows around the world, collaborating with major artists, offering creativity through opera and producing successful records and films.
In turn, it offers teaching experiences aimed at renewing scenic language and ‘digital theatre’ over the internet.

Practical information

Italian Abbiati Award (2008)
Golden Heron at the 7th Latin Cinema Festival in Miami (2003)
7th Méliès d’Or for best European fantastic film (2003)
Grand Prize at the Gérardmer International Fantasy Film Festival (France, 2002)
ACE Award for best foreign show. Buenos Aires (1999)
Bilbao Ercilla Award for best play (1998)
MAX Award for Scenic Arts (1998)
Glasgow Theatre Festival Award (1996)
Sarajevo International Peace Center Freedom Award (1995)
Oporto FITEI Award, Portugal (1995)
National Theatre Award (1994)


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