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Xavier Montsalvatge

  • Xavier Montsalvatge © EFE

    Xavier Montsalvatge © EFE



Music, Opera



Date of birth

Mar 11, 1912

Date of death

May 7, 2002

"Composer and music critic. Montsalvatge belongs to the generation of Catalan musicians continuing the tradition of the “Grupo de los ocho”."

Born in Gerona in 1912, he produced widely, running the gauntlet of all musical genres, as well as creating the score for some films. He studied music in Barcelona, where he also finished his violin studies, although he later moved on to composition. Montsalvatge taught composition and scoring at the Municipal Conservatory in Barcelona until his retirement. His music can be divided into different stages: after nationalistic beginnings, he continued with a phase influenced by West Indian music to later pick up a free polytonality. He ended with a period influenced by avant-garde styles. Xavier Montsalvatge was an honorary academician at the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He died in Barcelona in 2002.


National Music Award (1985)
Guerrero Foundation Music Prize (1993)
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1993)
National Award for Catalan Music (1997)
Tomás Luis de Vitoria Ibero-American Music Award (1998)

Essential works

  • 'Puss in Boots' © EFE

    Puss in Boots

    Xavier Montsalvatge, one of the most prolific and relevant writers in the 20th century, composed this opera based on the traditional story of "Puss in Boots", compiled and written by the French author Charles Perrault.

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Other highlighted works

  • Babel
  • Alegoría a Joaquín Turina
  • Sinfonía Mediterránea

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