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Xavier Bermúdez

  • Xavier Bermúdez © EFE

    Xavier Bermúdez © EFE






Date of birth


"Film director, producer and screenwriter. His film “León and Olvido” (2004) was given a Mestre Mateo award and an award at the Malaga Film Festival."

He was born in Ourense in 1951. He made his debut in films with Super 8 and 16 mm productions. He worked as a scriptwriter for programmes on the National Spanish Radio. In 1990 he wrote and directed his first 35 mm short film, “Canción de cuna”, which was selected by the Brussels Media 10 Festival. Two years later he made his first feature film, “Luz negra”, awarded at the festivals in Gijón and Alcalá de Henares. He worked on the screenplay for “Retrato de mujer con hombre al fondo” (2006), by Manane Rodríguez. In 1997 he directed his first film, “Nena”, based on the novel “Y así pasó el amor”, by Iván Turgueniev. In 2004 he presented the feature film “León and Olvido” at the Malaga Film Festival and won several awards.


Mestre Mateo Award for Best Director (2004)
Special Jury Award at the Malaga Film Festival (2004)
Audience Award at the Athens International Film Festival (2004)
Award for the Best Director at the Ourense Independent Film Festival (2004)

Essential works

  • Film - Generic image

    León y Olvido (direction, script)

    This story about the relationship between two twins won the Special Jury Award at the Malaga Festival and the Mestre Mateo Award for best feature film.

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Other highlighted works

  • Canción de cuna
  • Luz negra
  • Nena
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