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Víctor Monge “Serranito”

  • Víctor Monge «Serranito» Foto: Schommer

    Víctor Monge «Serranito» Foto: Schommer



Flamenco, Music



Date of birth


"Guitarist. Víctor Monge, also known as Serranito, is a major figure in flamenco guitar, a virtuoso whose career was recognised in 2019 with the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts."

Víctor Monge Serrano was born in Madrid in 1942. Self-taught, he began playing guitar at the age of eight. At 12 he began performing professionally, joining his older brother in the trio Los Serranos, where he was nicknamed Serranito, as the youngest in the group. In 1960 he released his first solo record, having already accompanied many leading flamenco artists. At the age of 21 he met Narciso Yepes, the great classical guitarist, who would become his teacher. By 1969 he was performing in concerts, and in 1970 he made his début in London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall. Since then he has toured internationally and taken part in numerous festivals all over the world. In 1982 he presented his concerto for guitar and orchestra, Andaluz Sinfónico, at the Teatro Real. He was nominated for the 2003 Latin Grammy awards for his album Sueños de ida y vuelta. He has published some twenty records. Today he still performs in concerts, and is also the Professor of Flamenco Guitar at the Escuela Superior de la Guitarra Española.


Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2019)
Seville Flamenco Biennial 25th Anniversary Award (2004)

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