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Tomás Bretón

  • Portrait of the Spanish composer Tomás Bretón © EFE

    Portrait of the Spanish composer Tomás Bretón © EFE



Music, Zarzuela



Date of birth

Dec 29, 1850

Date of death

Dec 2, 1923

" Musician and composer. He fought for the creation of a Spanish national opera. He wrote one of the most important zarzuelas, "Fair of the Dove"."

He was born in Salamanca in 1850. He studied violin in his city, where he played in small orchestras since he was 12. In 1866 he moved to Madrid to carry on his studies in the Royal Music Conservatoire. He collaborated with Barbieri in the Concert Society. He travelled to Rome, Vienna and Paris on a scholarship from the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts and Alfonso XII. In 1876, back in Madrid, he created the orchestra of the Artistic and Musical Association. In 1891, he made his debut in London as a director, supported by Albéniz. He was a teacher and director of the Music Conservatoire of Madrid, director of the Concert Society, member of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts and director of the Symphonic Orchestra of Madrid. He died in Madrid in December 1923.

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    La Dolores

    One the most outstanding pieces in Spanish opera, this three-act piece has music by composer Tomás Bretón.

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  • «La verbena de la Paloma» © EFE

    La verbena de la Paloma

    One of the key works in the operatic genre known as the género chico. All the most popular and traditional aspects of Madrid are here given their maximum expression.

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