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Tirso de Molina

  • Tirso de Molina © M.C.Esteban/Iberfoto

    Tirso de Molina © M.C.Esteban/Iberfoto






Date of birth

Mar 24, 1579

Date of death


" Golden Age poet, writer and playwright. Together with Lope de Vega and Calderón de la Barca, he is part of the golden triad of Spanish Baroque theatre."

Gabriel Téllez was born in Madrid in 1579. He was a Mercederian monk, but not much is known about his life. He kept faithful to Lope de Vega in his work. The only difference with him is his deeper analysis of his characters' psychology, especially women. Two very important philosophical works are attributed to him: "The Seducer of Seville", which first introduced into universal literature the theme of the libertine Don Juan Tenorio, and "The Doubted Damned", which deals with the topic of man's arrogance compared with God's grace and the importance of free will. He defended comedy as a complete show and playwrights' job to entertain. He died in Almazán in 1648.

Essential works

  • 'The Rogue of Seville' © EFE

    The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest

    A play attributed to Tirso de Molina, which introduces the character of 'Don Juan', who went on to become one of the great icons of Spanish theatre.

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  • ‘La Santa Juana.’ Madrid © Biblioteca Nacional de España

    La Santa Juana

    This is the only known theatrical work by Tirso de Molina written in the playwright's own hand.

    Spanish National Library (Madrid)

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Other highlighted works

  • Don Gil of the Green Breeches
  • The Shy Man at Court
  • Prudence in Women
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