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Teresa Nieto

  • Teresa Nieto © Alberto di Lolli / EL MUNDO

    Teresa Nieto © Alberto di Lolli / EL MUNDO



Dance, Flamenco



Date of birth

Nov 30, 1953

"Choreographer, teacher and dancer, both of contemporary dance and flamenco. She helped to establish two companies, one for each discipline."

She was born in Tangiers, in 1953, where she started studying contemporary dance, ballet and dramatic arts. She continued to learn more about dance with Víctor Ullate and Carmen Roche in Madrid. She was a founding member of the Bocanada Company, a group dedicated to contemporary and experimental dance. She has been a choreographer invited by the companies of Antonio Canales, Belén Amaya and the National Spanish Ballet. In 1990 she founded Teresa Nieto en Compañía, with shows such as "Tánger" and "Consuelo". Arrieritos Danza is the name of another company she co-founded, which proved to be a landmark in the creation and staging of flamenco shows such as “No me quiero dormir". She has also been notable for her teaching work in various schools and dance centres.


Madrid Region Culture Award (2002)
National Dance Award (2004)
Max Awards for Best Choreography and Best Female Dancer (2009)
Max Awards in four cathegories (2013)
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2020)

Highlighted works

  • De cabeza
  • Tacita a tacita
  • Ni palante ni patrás
  • La mirada
  • Al mal tiempo buena cara
  • Solipandi
  • Consuelo

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