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Ruperto Chapí

  • Ruperto Chapí composed the music for the zarzuela 'El rey que rabió', first performed in Madrid in 1891 © EFE

    Ruperto Chapí composed the music for the zarzuela 'El rey que rabió', first performed in Madrid in 1891 © EFE



Music, Theatre, Zarzuela



Date of birth

Mar 27, 1851

Date of death

Mar 25, 1909

" He is especially well known for his zarzuelas and dramas. He dedicated 35 years to music and produced many pieces."

He was born in Villena (Alicante) in 1851 into a family of musicians. When he was 16 years old he joined the Music Conservatoire of Madrid, where he studied with Arrieta and was co-disciple of Tomás Bretón. "La hija de Jefté" enabled him to get a scholarship to continue his studies in Paris and Rome. Back in Spain, in 1978 he started his career as a zarzuela composer, including famous plays such as "El tambor de granaderos". He produced many plays for the popular music style género chico, such as "El puñao de rosas" and "La revoltosa". He is considered to be the most legitimate continuator of the work of Francisco Asenjo Barbieri, and his compositions for lyrical theatre are an example of harmony and originality. He died in Madrid in 1909.

Essential works

  • 'El puñao de rosas' performed in La Zarzuela Theatre. Madrid © Jesús Alcántara. Teatro de La Zarzuela

    El puñao de rosas

    Ruperto Chapí is the author of this zarzuela on love in the mountains of Cordoba.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    El tambor de Granaderos

    The famous "Prelude" to "El tambor de Granaderos" is one of the most famous musical compositions in the history of zarzuela.

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  • ‘La Revoltosa’ © EFE

    La Revoltosa

    This lyrical one-act comedy, split into three parts and with a text in verse, is considered to be one of the best works from the so-called género chico popular operetta genre.

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