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Rosalía de Castro

  • Portrait of the Spanish poet and novelist Rosalía de Castro © EFE

    Portrait of the Spanish poet and novelist Rosalía de Castro © EFE






Date of birth

Feb 24, 1837

Date of death


" Poet and writer. Together with Eduardo Pondal and Curros Enríquez, she is one of the emblematic figures of the Galician “Rexurdimento” or resurgence movement."

She was born in Santiago de Compostela in 1837. She wrote both in Galician and Spanish. Although she was a devoted creator of prose, she excelled at poetry, a genre in which she created her masterpieces. She is considered an essential literary figure of the 20th century, both for her literary contribution in general and for the fact that her “Cantares Gallegos” are the first great work of contemporary Galician literature. Furthermore, she is considered, together with Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, as the forerunner of modern Spanish poetry. Her sensitivity designed an ensemble of magnificent visions of the Galician landscape in which a grey atmosphere of indefinable sadness predominates and where human reality is expressed by an animated countryside. She died in Padrón in 1885.

Essential works

  • 'Follas novas'. Madrid © Biblioteca Nacional de España

    Follas novas

    Fine collection of poems written by one of the foremost representatives of Spanish Romanticism.

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  • Follas novas. Madrid © Biblioteca Nacional de España

    Copy of ‘Follas novas’

    This is considered by some experts to be Rosalía de Castro's masterpiece.

    Spanish National Library (Madrid)

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Other highlighted works

  • Cantares gallegos
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