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Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón

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"Architect. His work symbolises the coexistence of late Gothic and the Renaissance style. He is one of the most prolific architects of the Spanish Renaissance."

He was born in Rascafría (Madrid) in 1500. His teacher was his father, the architect Juan Gil de Hontañón. In 1533 he completed his first solo work: Santa María Collegiate Church in Villafranca del Bierzo (León). In 1537 he replaced Juan de Álava during the building of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. He continued this work while also working on the cathedrals at Salamanca and Segovia from 1538 on. Starting in 1539, along with Fray Martín de Santiago, he completed the Monterrey Palace in Salamanca. He also worked on the Casa de la Salina in Salamanca. Both buildings have a Plateresque façade. His most important work is the Façade of the Alcalá de Henares University (1537-1553). It is one of the best examples of Plateresque architecture. He died in Segovia in 1577.

Essential works

  • Exterior view of the church of San Benito el Real © Turespaña

    Church of the old monastery of San Benito el Real

    The splendid Gothic church of the old convent of San Benito el Real –whose main cloister is the site of the Patio Herreriano Museum– is one of the oldest buildings in Valladolid.

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  • Façade. University of Alcalá de Henares or San Ildefonso College. Madrid © Turespaña

    University of Alcalá de Henares, or College of San Ildefonso

    This monument, together with the historic quarter of Alcalá de Henares, has been declared a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. It was created by Cardinal Cisneros and given the name of the college of San Ildefonso. The doorway is a fine example of the rich ornamentation of the purest Spanish Renaissance style. This, along with Salamanca, was the birthplace of Humanism.

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  • Church of Santiago. Cáceres © Turespaña

    Church of Santiago

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Other highlighted works

  • Capilla del Deán del Convento de San Francisco in Zamora (Dean’s Chapel at the San Francisco Convent)
  • Church of San Julian, Toro, in Zamora
  • Church of San Esteban de Villacastín, in Segovia
  • Monterrey Palace, in Salamanca
  • Casa de la Salina, in Salamanca
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