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Ray Barra

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Date of birth

Jan 3, 1930

" Dancer and choreographer with recognised international prestige. He was principal danseur at different important ballets, director of the Frankfurt Ballet and assistant director at the Spanish National Classical Ballet."

He was born in 1930 in the United States to Spanish parents. He studied dance in San Francisco and New York. After performing as a solo dancer at prestigious companies, he joined what was possibly the company that most marked his professional career: the Stuttgart Ballet. His first works such as Rossini Sonatas date to 1965. Alborada (1982) was his first full ballet for the Munich Opera House. He moved to Spain in the mid-80s and met María de Ávila, then director of the two national dance companies, who offered him the chance to collaborate with the National Classical Ballet (today the National Dance Company). The show Poema Divino was the fruit of this collaboration. He was director of the National Lyrical Ballet Theatre and permanent director of the company when Maya Plitseskaya was artistic director there (from 1987 to 1990).
One of his last works was a version of Don Quixote (1991).

Essential works

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    Caín y Abel

    Dancer and choreographer, Ray Barra, created this classical dance piece, based on the biblical myth of Cain and Abel, for the National Lyrical Theatre Ballet.

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    The Nutcracker

    This classic ballet by Tchaikovsky was one of the productions by the dancer and choreographer Ray Barra as artistic director of the National Classical Ballet.

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    The Awaiting

    Also known as 'Antes del albor' ('Before the dawn'), this is a production with music by the composer Roig-Francolí and choreography by Ray Barra.

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    One of the choreography pieces which, set to music by Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, the choreographer and dancer Ray Barra created for the National Lyrical Theatre Ballet.

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    Poema Divino

    The first of the creations by dancer and choreographer Ray Barra for the National Classical Ballet, then directed by the ballerina and artistic director María de Ávila.

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