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Ramón Pérez de Ayala

  • Ramón Pérez de Ayala © EFE

    Ramón Pérez de Ayala © EFE






Date of birth

Aug 9, 1880

Date of death


" Writer. His work, together with the work of Unamuno, represent the peak of philosophical content in Spanish Modernism."

He was born in Oviedo in 1880. Ramón studied Law in Oviedo under the protection of Leopoldo Alas, "Clarín". He later moved to Madrid, where he created ties with the Free Learning Institution. He established, together with Ortega y Gasset and Marañón, the Agrupación al Servicio de la República. Ambassador to England between 1931 and 1936, Pérez de Ayala exiled himself to France at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, and later to Argentina. He returned to Spain in 1954 and cultivated his work in all genres with noteworthy success in all of them, except for theatre. With Miguel de Unamuno, he is one of the cultivators of philosophical poetry of the time. His narrative works can be distinguished in three stages. a first autobiographical, perhaps where ha has achieved the most; the second, of the intellectual and symbolic sort; and a third, which deals with more universal subjects. He died in Madrid in 1962.


National Literature Award (1927)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Belarmino and Apolonio

    The career of the writer Ramón Pérez de Ayala, one of the members of the "Novecentismo" literary movement reached its narrative culmination with this symbolic novel.

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Other highlighted works

  • Tiger Juan
  • El sendero ardiente
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